CHICAGO (CBS) — Some Chicago children had a good reason to skip school Monday. They attended Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s inauguration.

The students told CBS 2’s Jim Williams that Lightfoot is an inspiration.

Ten year old twins Laia and Landyn McClain were excited, and practical too.

“I just feel honored to be watching this and skipping school,” Landyn said.

It was an excused absence, when Monday’s classroom was Wintrust Arena, where history was made and will one day be studied in schools all over Chicago.

“It’s an historic moment in terms of the first female African American, openly gay,” said Bernadette Chopra.

Lori Lightfoot taking the oath of office was a lesson come to life for students from Holy Family School.

“I did a whole unit on the difference the between the two candidates and why they were part of history,” said Holy Family teacher Kamilah Connor.

Young people, their parents, and aunts and uncles said they would see a role model on the stage.

“That glass ceilings are being shattered, and they have an opportunity to be whoever they want to be,” said Erica Bland.

Adults and children alike said they were especially touched by Lightfoot’s comments about her mother, calling her a role model and champion.

“I enjoyed it,” said Laia McClain. “It was really touching.”

The McClain twins appeared ready to give an ideal report to their classmates.

“I thought it was great, in that she really inspired everyone, and that she gave me a picture of what Chicago should be and how to really help the community,” Landyn said.