CHICAGO (CBS) — They turned out by the hundreds to meet Chicago’s new mayor. From teens to adults, each was filled with hope that this new mayor will bring positive change in the city of Chicago.

CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot spoke to some who shared their joy and optimism.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot came out of the elevator onto the fifth floor of City Hall, walked to her office, and stepped right into the history books.

“The fact that we now have a black, lesbian, lawyer, attorney, wonderful person in this job is spectacular,” said Lightfoot supporter John Donnell. “It’s more than a symbol. I think it’s going to create a whole different environment in the city of Chicago.”

“I’m just really proud to be a Chicagoan, and I’m excited to see what Lightfoot and her team does,” added Caitlin Acevedo.


Chicagoans lined up by the hundreds to meet Lightfoot. They formed a long line in the lobby of City Hall and in front of her office during the Mayor’s Open House, just hours after her inauguration.

“I told her I was only a junior in high school, and I told her I’ve been very supportive of her, and she was really receptive. She was really nice. She asked me where I went to high school. She was really, really great,” said Lightfoot supporter Nicholas Foley.

Toriano Sanzone said he’s met Lightfoot on the city’s West Side, and feels she will do her best to create change in the community.

“I ran for alderman for the 24th ward. So every time I’d see her, I would talk about that, and I truly believe her when she says she’s gonna help the people that have been left behind,” said Sanzone.

And many said the strategy Lightfoot spoke about to combat gun violence will really help in the city of Chicago.