CHICAGO (CBS) — At an upscale supper club in downtown Chicago, in broad daylight, gunmen went after cars.

It happened outside Tortoise Supper Club in the 300 block of N. State St. around 1 p.m. Tuesday.

The sound of squealing tires was heard in River North as car thieves crashed a vehicle.

Video was captured on the cellphone of the very valet they pointed a gun at to get the keys. After the theft, they sped off, and the valet, Rene Gonzalez, followed them while calling the police.

The video shows an SUV crash into a parked truck, and moments later, the passenger door opens. The valet’s family said that’s when he decided to stop the armed suspect.

A neighbor described what happened next.

“Immediately after the jeep slammed into the truck, I see two guys jump out and just start sprinting,” said the witness.

“They both fled; the driver went one way, the passenger went another way,” said CPD spokesman Jose Jara. “The driver did trip over something along the way, where his gun kind of fell to the sidewalk.”

Luis Gonzalez, the valet’s brother, said Rene was able to restrain the driver with help from residents.

“The guy went like he was trying to the garage of the East Bank Club,” said Gonzalez. “So my brother went there, and he catched one the guys, and some guys helped him down there.”

Thanks to the valet’s call, police were able to find and arrest the carjackers. Jara said although he recommends no one chase offenders, the valet’s actions helped in capturing the suspects.

The Gonzalez family now wants more police presence in the area.

Multiple people are in custody. Charges are pending.