SUTTER COUNTY (CBS13) — A group of Good Samaritan’s rescued a woman and her granddaughter after they rolled their car into a ditch along Highway 99 in Sutter County.

This happened in a rice field. People pulled two women from their overturned car, just as it was filling with water.

Cell phone video shows the moments after a woman and her granddaughter were pulled from their overturned vehicle by a group of complete strangers.

“That car was completely upside down. I pulled over and my son jumped out and he helped at least 10 people pick up the car from underneath all that water,” says Betsy Booths.

Her son, Eddie, then took over.

“I opened the sunroof and I got on there and I was pulling that young lady and her grandma out,” he says.

Within moments, emergency responded were on the scene treating both of them. They were shaken, but okay.

Fire crews were amazed by the strength of the group of men.

“It’s very hard-you figure the weight of the water. And notice they did their jobs and left. That’s what you call a real hero,” says Fire Chief Adrian Rogers. “The world is not such a bad place after all.”

The woman and her granddaughter are alright, thanks to their fast-acting saviors.