CHICAGO (CBS) — High winds took down a massive canopy at a gas station in Alsip.

And it was an extremely close call for the driver who was trapped inside

He spoke exclusively to CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot who has his incredible story of survival from Alsip.

The canopy is made of steel and weighs nearly 27,000 pounds. It landed on an SUV and there was a man inside. He tells CBS 2 he’s grateful he’s alive.

A surveillance camera captures the moment Abraham Jaber pulls into the Alsip Citgo, to fill up.

“I was reaching for my debit card and before I know it, the whole ceiling was like bouncing. It’s like an airplane, you know, back and forth,” Jaber said.

Then, during the downpour, the moment of impact is captured on video.

“It’s very scary. You see the whole thing’s just coming down. I felt like it’s the end of it here, but thank god you know,” Jaber said. “I thank god you know, that everything is ok.”


The married father of three said he waited to get out of the car until the rain stopped. The wind was so strong, it kept the driver door from opening.

Two cranes will be needed to lift the canopy. The gas pumps will need to be removed for safety reasons.