CHICAGO (CBS) — Relatives of Marlen Ochoa, the pregnant woman who, according to police, was killed for her baby, met with the Cook County State’s Attorney Wednesday.

A family spokesperson told CBS 2 News they have a lot of questions. Also, the family hopes a new law may spare other families from their heartbreak.

Marlen’s parents said they have no words to describe what they are going through. However, the hope investigators will work with them to find justice for Marlen.

They will be meeting with a state lawmaker next Tuesday to develop Marlen’s Law. It would require both ID and DNA testing for hospital patients, especially those admitted after a home birth.

The goal is to make sure mothers can prove the babies are theirs.

“The most important lesson that our authorities need to learn, and what we need to do tangibly is create mechanisms to where things like this never happen again,” said family advocate Sarah Walker.

The family met with representatives of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office and a sergeant from the Chicago police department for more nearly three hours and discussed the timeline of the case. They asked nearly 30 questions and raised concerns.

“Most were not answered concretely because the case is ongoing, and the investigation is still ongoing,” Walker said. “It was more of a meeting to present these issues to them and make sure that while they do this investigation all of them get answered eventually.”

The family’s advocate said their next meeting with the Chicago Police Department was postponed for another date that has not been determined.

No word yet on when it will be submitted for consideration in Springfield.