CHICAGO (CBS) — Twenty-four hours after a massive data breach is announced, millions of Americans still don’t know if they’re affected.

But CBS 2 pressed Quest Diagnostics for answers about the 12 million patients impacted.

CBS 2’s Cesar Rodriguez has uncovered what all the victims have in common.

The statement from Quest Diagnostics frustrated many by its lack of detail. But the company finally acknowledged that everyone impacted had likely been sent to collections.

Quest has lots of slick videos on its Youtube channel, touting its lab services. With more than a dozen locations in the Chicago area, including one on the city’s North Side, there’s a good chance Quest took your blood at some point.

In fact, Quest boasts it touches the lives of 30% of American adults each year.

So when Quest announced nearly 12 million patients had their information stolen, it raised lots of questions, including some CBS 2 found on Twitter.

“When will the 12 million be notified,” asked one person.

Good question.

CBS 2 talked to a Quest spokesperson who said “we don’t have all the information.” That same spokesperson seemed to pass the buck, telling CBS 2 Quest subcontracts with a company called Optum360 for some billing. Optum then subcontracts with the American Medical Collection Agency (AMCA) for collections.

And its those customers with information in the AMCA system impacted by the breach.

Quest blames AMCA for allowing “an unauthorized user” to access certain financial data, Social Security numbers and medical information, but not laboratory results.

That prompted tweets like this one:

“They don’t want lab results dumb *****. They want personal financial info. I could give a crap about my cholesterol results,” wrote another person.

AMCA notified Quest about the breach on May 14. But Quest waited until Monday to let anyone know. So what is Quest doing to help patients or protect their credit?

Nothing, pointing the finger back to Optum and ACMA saying “Quest Diagnostics systems were not impacted.”

The spokesperson for Quest also said that because of this incident, the company has suspended any type of complaint or request to AMCA.

Meanwhile, Optum360 said its data systems were not impacted. AMCA tells CBS 2 it’s investigating.