Recent Robberies In Beverly Concern Business Owner"Any crime in our neighborhood is unusual. We're a very tight-knit community. We look out for each other."
Suspect Held Without Bond In Shooting Of CPD OfficerPetronella's family told CBS 2 she feared someone was breaking in to her home.  A friend who wanted to remain anonymous said they've had a break-in there before.
Two CPD Officers Injured In Englewood CrashThey were looking for a suspect when the officer driving the squad car lost control and veered into an abandoned furniture store.
Police Talk For The First Time About Daring Lake Rescue"We realized we're actually walking out over ice to get to him, which was nerve nerve, nerve wracking, but we had to get to them quickly."
Johnson On Smollett Case: Evidence Doesn't Support Actor's Claims"It's not the Chicago police saying he did something, it's the evidence, the facts and the witnesses that are saying this."
The Cost Dedicated To The Smollett Investigation"Those are resources and time spent that we can never get back and we can utilize for another investigation."
Activist Calls Van Dyke Sentence 'A Slap In The Face'"Frankly, he walked in there today expecting to do another 15 years in the Illinois Department of Corrections. They found out now he's going to do three years. It's a pretty good day for the Van Dyke family."
Jason Van Dyke Gets 81 Months For The Murder Of Laquan McDonald
CPD Officers Found Not Guilty Of Alleged Cover-Up In Laquan McDonald Shooting DeathOfficer Thomas Gaffney, former officer Joe Walsh and former detective David March all appeared stoic early on. But the judge gradually picked apart the state's case.
Judge To Issue Verdict In Chicago Police Cover-Up CaseDuring the trial, prosecutors argued that the reports written by the three about the October 2014 shooting included some of the same lies they say were designed to protect Officer Jason Van Dyke.
Report: CPD Supervisor Made Officers Chauffeur, Babysit His ChildIn one case, an officer had to hang up on a domestic violence call in order to care for his supervisor's child.
What Happened Leading Up To CPD Officers Killed By A TrainSeveral tense minutes pass before it became clear that there were two people hit and that they were police officers, killed in the line of duty while trying to serve and protect the city of Chicago.
Procession Escorts CPD Officers Struck, Killed By TrainThey worked under a commander who had a difficult job Tuesday morning of leading a procession and escorting the bodies of two of his officers past their workplace, and ultimately, to the Cook County Medical Examiner's Office.
More New CPD Officers Are Hitting The Streets. But Are They Enough?For years, Mayor Emanuel and his first police superintendent, Garry McCarthy claimed Chicago didn't need more officers and that extra manpower needs could be handled through overtime. But as crime rose and overtime soared, Emanuel changed course, after firing McCarthy in the Laquan McDonald fallout.
Three Officers Charged With Covering Up Shooting Won't TestifyOne witness testified Thursday -- a retired detective who says that March couldn't have changed the report filed by an officer at the scene of the October 2014 shooting by Officer Jason Van Dyke.