Naperville Firefighter Rescues Man Who Drove Into Pond"The car submerged and he sank like a rock."
Better Days Ahead For Woman Who Suffered Brain AneurysmShe was a marathon runner and TV reporter in Green Bay when she developed a heart infection.
Doctors Warn Plastic Surgery Apps Can Lead To Anxiety, Depression In Teens"They're telling kids that you need to change yourself and you need to use plastic surgery in order to achieve these goals."
Officer Rialmo Closer To TerminationThe hearing comes more than two years after Officer Rialmo killed Bettie Jones and Quintonio LeGrier during a domestic call.
Board To Rule On Whether Rialmo Stays With CPD"I'm hoping someone has some morals and principles and makes the right decision."
Chicago Reacts To Air Strikes In Syria24 hours after 105 U.S. missiles hit Syrian chemical weapons facilities, protesters in Chicago were slamming the strikes. 
Police Shoot Senior In Cedar LakeDeputy Chief Brittingham says the man did not put his gun down.  That's when an officer shot him.
Sears Shuts Down Six Corners ShopSears has been at the apex of Milwaukee, Cicero and Irving Park Roads for 80 years. 
New Video Surfaces From Bus Shelter CrashThat video is now part of an ongoing police investigation.
Trying To Curb More Facebook FalloutThis week, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg conceded all of those public profiles have likely been accessed by outside sources.
Mom Of Bullied Teen Says School Didn't Help"I pray going forward that they would take these matters more seriously."