Petition To Ban Visiting Professor To NU Because Of Racist BeliefsIn 2013 he authored a study on "Why Most Suicide Bombers Are Muslim." In 2011 he wrote an article in Psychology Today titled "Are All women Essentially Prostitutes?"
CBS 2 Investigators Get Results: City Finally Puts Up Parking Signs"I'm appreciative and hopefully by spring next year, we'll have all the signs that are needed next to stop signs."
Gravestone Company Buried In Customer Complaints"I'm sorry if my eyes are watery. I'm tired of going through a whole lot of problems for this."
CTA Employee Vents About Ventra Card Charges"Instead of reading my ID, it read my debit card."
UPDATE: Woman Gets Money To Pay Gas Bill From Viewer After CBS 2 Story AirsA number of people reached out to CBS 2 to help King. "A kind viewer" paid King's $300 gas bill. She said she's appreciative of all the offers and grateful to have heat and cooking gas this Thanksgiving.
The Promising Life And Tragic Death Of Dr. Tamara O'Neal"One of the things that we lost was a black physician that was truly an inspiration to many women of color."
Debit Card Fraud Leaves Chicago Woman In The ColdA few months ago King was the victim of fraud. Her prepaid government issued Direct Express debit card, which includes her monthly disability check for $1,046 was hit. 
'It Causes More Stress' Burnham Residents Upset With Water Rate Hike"Raise it a dollar and nobody would've complained about it. I see greed written all over it."
HOBO Leaving Forest Park Mall, Landlord Says Impact 'Can Be Huge'"Finding a tenant in these days can be difficult."
Customers Sour On Customer Service By Sears"I am beyond frustrated. If they're doing this to other customers, their demise seems imminent."
Rider Beware: How To Make Sure Your Limo Is SafeThe tragic limo accident in New York is top of mind for limo drivers in Chicago.