Worker Falling On Circuit Breaker Caused Chaos At Union Station"To knock that much down and not have that kind of back up. I haven't heard of one this big happening before."
South Shore Resident Plagued By Post Office Problems 'I Just Want To Get My Mail'"They're making us feel like we're idiots. We missed lots of stuff."
Lake Shore Drive Bridge Didn't Meet Certain Federal RequirementsWhile the Federal Highway Administration does not consider this design inherently unsafe, it can lead to priority status for replacement and rehabilitation.
Drivers Speed Past Stopped School Buses Alarming Parents"When  you're sitting here and you're watching your kid get off and there's traffic going 50 miles (per hour) past them, it's unnerving."
Computer Glitch Leaves Drivers Stranded As They Can't Get LicensesThe six hour outage affected all of the open Illinois Secretary of State's office locations across the state. A spokesperson said it had to do with the Social Security Administration's system but was not in any way related to the partial government shut down.
Charges Filed In Deaths Of CPD Officers Struck, Killed By TrainThe suspect is 24-year-old Edward Brown. He's the man police said the officers were chasing across the train tracks when they were struck and killed by that train.
What Happened Leading Up To CPD Officers Killed By A TrainSeveral tense minutes pass before it became clear that there were two people hit and that they were police officers, killed in the line of duty while trying to serve and protect the city of Chicago.
AMBER Alert Controversy After False Emergency Report"That is a failure and I don't think that failure was the AMBER Alert but the people that put it out."
A Look At Burke's Business Dealings, Including Work For President TrumpBurke stopped doing tax work for Trump in June citing "irreconciable differences." It is not known if Thursday's raid had anything to do with Burke's ties to the White House.  
Power Problems For Suburban Residents"I think the most frustrating part is when we contact ComEd they can't tell us when they think that the power will be restored."
Questions Linger After Officer Shots, Kills Robbins Security Guard"Release the name of the officer. He has nothing to hide. Release the autopsy report. Include in your statements to the public information that goes both ways, that will provide more clarity about what happened."