Taylorville Tornado Sweeps Away Homes But Not The Spirit Of A Community"I walked out into the yard and there were about 15 high school kids asking what they could do for me. They cleaned up our yard. They came into our house and packed our dishes. It was wonderful."
Federal Agents Raid Offices of Ald. BurkeBurke is often referred to as Chicago's most powerful alderman. The windows on the 51st Street side of Burke's headquarters were taped shut with thick brown paper and hand scribbled signs reading office closed.
Icy City Sidewalks Put Pedestrians In PerilCity ordinances are pretty clear. You have until 10:00 a.m. to clear an overnight storm and 10:00 p.m. to clear a dayside storm. And the path clear has to be about five feet wide.
Romaine Lettuce Warning Costing Suppliers Lots Of Green"I am definitely confused because usually whenever the CDC has any type of warning, it's usually always followed up with a recall."
Officer Taken To University Of Chicago Hospital After Shooting At MercyThere are reports that the gunman in question is deceased. 
Water Bill Drains Money From Englewood ResidentThe city department of water management would not confirm if the worker is a full or part-time employee. 
More West Loop Development Worries Some, Welcomed By OthersDevelopers want to build an office tower 19 stories tall at Halstead and Fulton, a building at Randolph and Sangamon could reach 53 stories.
Disability Doesn't Stop Student From Graduating, Inspiring Others"I just want people to know yes they can push forward. When you think everything is in despair, just know you can find a light even in despair."
Willow Creek Elders Apologize To Hybels' AccussersThe elders who stood by his side want the faithful to know they've reexamined their actions.
Great Caesar's Ghost! Comic Book Auction Could Fetch Millions10 million dollars in collectable and vintage comics are going up for auction in Chicago.
Southwest Pilot Credited For Saving LivesDespite one death, the pilot is being credited with saving the lives of the others on board, managing an emergency landing in Philadelphia.